EVENT POSTPONED due to weather – there’ll be no event on Saturday 4 March 2017

Earlier Friday evening the forecast for Saturday 4 March became severe with certain heavy rain (100% chance). This is a great event. It brings thousands of our neighbours together for one huge moment of safe end enjoyable camaraderie, it’s valued by the event sponsors, its respected the performers, and, most importantly, it’s delivered by the local parents, caregivers and kids of Cherrybrook. That’s the type of event we want to deliver, and we can’t deliver that event, and offer the Cherrybrook community that experience, in this severe weather. So we’re postponing the event to later in the year and we’ll be back in Spring – the driest time of the year! – with the event we want to deliver for you: the biggest, funnest, and happiest evening of celebration for you, your family and your community. Watch this space for more news in coming weeks.

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